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  1. Jimbaker

    Bubba Kush

    Hello everyone ,, Feminized indica Bubble gum x kush 9 weeks 800 gr / m2 18.17% 0.1% 1st Treating Yourself Medical Cup 2010 http://tradevenue.se/ Buy Bubba Kush from Green House Seeds Bubba Kush is the result of crossing Bubble Gum with Kush. If you decide to use this plant in Indore, then after 9 weeks of flowering you can harvest up to 800 g / m2. In the outdore, harvesting is possible in the first week of October, the yield will be approximately 1 kg per plant. It is a small but dense plantlet. If you have problems with sleep and you are concerned about various pains, this variety will save you from these problems. The effect is truly relaxing.
  2. So I grow them indoor in a proper incubation room. If anyone grows weed indoor here's my question I have few seeds haze, cheese, blue widow and green kush and I have started germinated them by Damp cloth / tissue method and I have few doubts about the soil type the soil which I have is or mixutre type and ph level http://tradevenue.se/ properly managed kept nice in an incubation room but my friend recently visited and said this opinion saying cheese won't grow in that soil texture and I am kinda confused because I did some research and saw that it grew in such soil but what if something goes wrong? So any suggestions ?? Thank you in advance.