First time with hermies and the only thing new is my light

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Hello everyone ,,

So this is my first run if plants ever with hermies. 2 GSC so far and 1 gorilla glue (all started from seed) and a clone of a Gelato plant that ive grown before now also hermed out.

The only thing new this run is my light. i went from a 600 watt HPS cool tube last grow to this 480 watt quantum board this grow

we think weve already ruled out heat stress, light leaks, and bad genetics (the clone).

after a day and a bit of trying to wrap my head around why this was happening i looked at the light specs and it suggest hanging it 20-32 inches away from the canopy. my light is 12 inches from the canopy. do you think that could be it?

some things about my grow

4 Gallon pots with HP pro mix in a 4x4x6 tentnear me cheap color copies

fed a combo of Compost tea and top dress (used in the past with great success)

temps at min would go to 21C and 26C on the high end. and humidity never went above 55% during flower.

TLDR: i think my new light is too close to my plants and making them herm, thoughts?

EDIT: i did not change my light mid grow. this is a new light compared to my last grow which i used my HPS.

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Hi! The most optimal distance from the dump to the plants is 20-30 cm. put your Hand under the lamp and define a comfortable zone.

I'd like to see a photo of your 480-watt quantum lamp, can you show me? Interesting!

Why do you write in English, you have no translator?


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