Size and yield of indoor grow help

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Hello everyone,,

I am in the Midwest starting a indoor grow center for CBD hemp. I have grown only small scale before so I am collaborating with two different people who have grown large scale before. Person "A" says he can grow 1,000lbs/ per year car paint thickness gauge in a 43ft x 37ft area with high ceilings and person "B" says he could only grow 100lbs/ per year in that same space. Person "A" wants to do 5x5 tents, topped three times, soil 5gal pots, under LEDs and says he could harvest 4 times in a year. Person "B" wants to do coco coir, 5gal pots, topped once, under HPSs and says he can only harvest 3 times a year. I am wondering if person "A" is full of crap or if it is possible. Or is person "B"'s estamite more on track with the given room sizes. In an 1,800 sqft area can you grow 1,000lbs per year?


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